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Fire shutter doors use scope

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Mainly for large supermarket (Center), large stores, large-scale professionalmaterials market, large exhibition hall, factory building, warehouse and other fire safety requirements of the public places. When the fire broke out, fire shutter doors fire control in central control system, according to the preset program automatic down (down), so as to prevent flame spread to other function, for the implementation of fire protection for the precious time.

In general, large construction according to the provisions of the State Fire Lawconfiguration fire central control system. When the fire occurs, installed in the roof smoke sensor (hereinafter referred to as smoke) first received the smoke signal, at the same time the alarm to the central control system, fire control central control system through the fireproof rolling shutter door power recognition on fire area, so that the fire area fire shutter according to certain speed downlink.When the rolling down from the ground about 1.5 meters position, stop the downside, so as to facilitate the personnel evacuation and evacuation. For some time the fire roller shutter door stops in the middle, and then continue down, till shut. Fire shutter door downlink speeds and intermediate retention time can be adjusted during installation.

On some occasions, not equipped with fire central control system in building, the fire safety requirements fire control electrical box for fire shutter doors fire shutter door only with the help of fireproof rolling shutter door operation procedure. In this case, when the fire occurs, the fire control electrical box smog sensor receives the fire alarm signal directly to the fire shutter doors.

In the case of a power outage, only by pulling the chain fire shutter doors down.Fire doors equipped with manual, only one way down, cannot ascend.

Production of fireproof rolling shutter door is higher, which requires that the whole system can withstand some time around 1100 degrees high temperature,resistant time of fireproof rolling shutter door is a leading indicator of fireproof rolling shutter door. General technical conditions of gb14102-93 steel fire shutter doors of the refractory time stipulated four fire rating.

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