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FSD waterproof fabric

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FSD waterproof fabric


   Ji'nan Olumpic building (The tenth National Games stadium) usage fireproof film materials

                                         (waterproof and fireproof film materials, waterproof fireproof fabric)

Waterproof fabric

    As we all know, there are 2 fire accidents when build center in Ji’nan Olumpic (The tenth National Games stadium) 2008 July and December. It raises high concern of the center and Shandong government. The root reason of the fire accident is: accidently burn out waterproof material when welding struction in the roof. In the objective aspect, Welding struction in the roof, it is hard to let the welding spark won’t leak, it is also a servere chanllenge at the same time. And then , if the house waterproof materials are also fireproof.it  won’t burned when it gets fire, it can avoid these features such as  “welding, cigarette butts, electric spark” that will lead to the fire accident.   

    Under this background, The construction Department of Shangdong Province with many contractors of Ji’nan Olympic center communicate with our company many times, after repeated testing and inspecting., last more than ten days. At last, our research staff  successfully develop fireproof-type waterproof film material. The waterproof fabric is a high performance and multi-fuctinal new composite mateial, it  uses high density superfine fiber fireproof fabric as based fabric and it is made by the special craftwork , coated with  nanometer polymeric materials. Because of its  smooth surface, it can resist water and oil, meanwhile it improves the capability of resisting aging and weather, combining with its fireproof performace. So It is widely used as the waterproof fabric,oilproof fabric, fireproof fabric. Compared with the traditional waterproof and oilproof fabric, waterproof material, tent fabric, house waterproof fabric, it has the capability of fire resistant, aging resistant, corrosion resistant”, Ji’nan Olumpic (The tenth National Games stadium) can avoid these features such as  “welding, cigarette butts, electric spark” that will lead to the fire accident.

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