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Protective clothing for firefighters

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Special protective clothing for firefighters series


The fire protective clothing( fire radiation-proof clothes)

Protective clothing for firefighters

    Special protective clothing series ( Fire insulation suits, firefighter fire protective clothing, protective clothing etc.)  Heat use heat reflective retardant materials to make fireproof insulated material htrough special process,  it is made by the special sewing equipment. It is made by the unique cutting technology, fine workmanship, with multiple processes. I t has the capability of strong thermal radiation resistant, high temperature resistant, fireproof, corrosion resistant, weather resistant, easy cleaning, waterproof, oilproof, high strength etc. Protective clothing that is used in high temperature site to resist strong heat radiant such as : iron and steel industry, metallurgy industry, foundry industry, petroleum industry, gas industry and other high temperature industry. It is used to private protection and fight a fire.

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