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Teach you how to acceptance of fire shutter doors and its standard

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Kai Tatsu fire shutter doors fire, fire plays a role, with smooth and beautiful appearance, novel style, with a strong steel. Is indispensable to the modern building fire protection facilities. In order to ensure the safety of the lives of enterprises, the acceptance of fireproof rolling shutter door must be strictlyexamined, except to the edge.

Type fireproof rolling shutter door

Material: steel, composite, the inorganic etc..

According to the installation forms: the wall, the wall side (or hole, the hole) two.

According to the direction of opening: the upper and side volume two.

Approval of fireproof rolling shutter door standard

Requirements, acceptance of a fireproof rolling shutter door technology:

1 Average lifting speed: 3 M / min..

2 refractory time: 240 minutes.

3 smoke leakage: 0.18m3/ minutes.

4 electric, automatic locking, manual open.

5 received the smoke and temperature sensing signal, shutter automatic landing.

6 received signal to the fire control center, can be landing exactly or stop in any position.

7 main raw material thickness: the thickness of the material provisions (mm), the curtain board 2 seat board more than 3 rail is more than 3 lintel 1.5 box 0.83

Two, acceptance of fireproof rolling shutter door appearance requirements:

1 of the surface of the curtain board, guide rail, lintel, scrolls and other parts are not allowed to have crack, pit and more apparent bump, hammer marks, burr,voids and other defects.

2 the relative motion in cutting, bending, punching and drilling processing, mustclear burrs.

The 3 assembly, components or parts of the splicing position does not allow to have the dislocation.

4 welds should be firm, smooth appearance, does not allow the slag, leakage phenomenon such as welding.

The 5 parts of the leakage surface, must do antirust processing, the coating,coating should be even, there shall be no peeling phenomenon.

6 all fasteners must be tight, does not allow loosening.

Roller blind acceptance of fireproof rolling shutter door opening and closing,running average noise requirements: door rolling machine power W, KW averagenoise dB W is less than or equal to 0.4 = 50 0.41.5 = 705

Three quality acceptance requirements, fireproof rolling shutter door:

(1), the curtain plate

1.1 adjacent interlocking curtain plate are connected in series and then flexible rotation, swing + 900 is not allowed to fall off, with overlapping shaped curtain plate smoke performance after being connected in series, swing + 900 is not allowed to fall off.

1.2 curtain plate at both ends of a baffle or anti channeling mechanism assemblyto the firm, the assembly of shutter, curtain plate movement shall be not more than 2mm.

1.3 curtain plate must be straight, curtain plate straightness every meters shall be not more than 1.5mm, shall not exceed 0.12% of the full length straightness.

1.4 curtain plate assembly shutter, there is empty and the gap is not allowed.

1.5 with a curtain plate smoke proof performance, internal and external nose hook channeling connection of the contact surface to form a cambered surfacecontact, the radian angle in the range of 300 to contact.

1.6 curtain plate assembly is not allowed after tilt rolling, at run time, should belifting, shutter not straight length are less than the height of the aperture of 1/300.

(2), guide

2.1 curtain plate embedded rail depth should meet the following requirements:the hole width, B, embedded mm on each end of the minimum length, mm 3000 B<5000 505000 B<9000 60

The top 2.2 guide rails should be curved, its length should be at least 75mm overthe mouth of the cave.

2.3 rail with the smoke of the performance, there must be a smoke device, the use of materials shall be of non combustible materials, smoke device and the rolling table should be uniform and tightly, the joint surface should not be less than 80%.

Slide 2.4 guide rails should be smooth, flat, straight line degree per meters shall be not more than 1.5mm, the full length straightness of not more than 0.12%,does not allow any distortion, bump, burr etc..

The installation of 2.5 guide rails on site shall be firm, after the installationverticality every meters shall be not more than 5mm, the full-length verticalityshall be not more than 20mm.

2.6 in the guide rail rolling operation should be smooth, smooth, not allowed tohave collision, impact phenomenon.

(3), lintel

The structure of 3.1 lintel must effectively prevent the spread of fire.

3.2 with the smoke of the performance bar, must set smoke device, effective prevent gas spillover, smoke device all materials shall be of non combustible materials.

Smoke device and crossbar seal face and shutter surface uniform contact 3.3 lintels, contact surface shall not be less than the width of the door opening 80%,non contact surface gap shall be not more than 2mm.

Install the 3.4 lintels site should be stable, pre buried steel spacing of not greater than 600mm.

(4), a seat board

The 4.1 base plate and the ground contact should be uniform, parallel.

The 4.2 seat board should adopt the angle steel, angle size should be based on the width is determined, the rivet connection or bolt connection, spacing of notgreater than 300mm.

(5), transmission device

5.1 roll door machine installation must have a maintenance space, should be firmly installed, no oil leakage.

5.2 bearing installed firmly, bearing no different, the oil is enough.

5.3 each rotating shaft sprocket center should be aligned coaxially, no damage.

The 5.4 door rolling machine with electric and manual type two, fire shutter must be matched with a fireproof rolling shutter door machine or ordinary door rolling machine and fire prevention and heat insulation device, and shall obtain the qualification certificate of fire resistant test.

(6), electrical installation

6.1 electrical button to start the flexible control, centralized control and linkage control flexible and accurate action.

Insurance device 6.2 automatic control should be installed in the exposed part ofrolling near the 2m range and can monitor part. Fire shutter door door are provided with a control button.

6.3 power supply, automatic control of the standby power supply or batteryshould be able to maintain the normal working state, the electrical lines used do not allow nudity, should be embedded into the wall or threading pipe.

Requirement 6.4 steel fire shutter and wall mounted: steel fire shutter installationin the building wall, should be welded or pre buried bolt connection, to the original building in concrete wall or concrete column with expansion boltassembly, and should ensure that the installation strength, meet the design requirements.

The matters needing attention

Must have the fireproof rolling shutter door inspection report, enterprise business license, production license, the completion of the project acceptance record.