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Our factory is the production of various kinds of non alkali glass fiber cloth,professional manufacturers. Glass fiber cloth mainly adopts the alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn, woven in plain weave, its main properties, characteristics,chemical corrosion resistance, fire prevention, smoldering, waterproof, high strength, high modulus characteristics. Widely used to make fiberglass fabric,anti-corrosion, insulation, fire retardant, waterproof materials and so on.However, currently on the market there are some manufacturers to adopt the"clay yarn" or "modified clay yarn" (also called Yang Bo Jinsha) weaving; alsoused in alkali yarn and the "modified clay mixed with cotton yarn", posing as the alkali or alkali cloth, sold cheaply to the glass steel enterprises. From 1984 onwards, countries have banned the production of glass fiber yarn is mainly clay,because clay fiberglass yarn belongs to high alkali glass fiber component,belonging to the hydrolysis of level three, disadvantages of low strength, strong brittleness, anti-aging performance is poor, not alkali resistant, non water,therefore Tao homespun cannot be used as glass steel, anti-corrosion, fire and other base cloth! To this end, the factory to the users of a solemn statement,where the plant the production of glass fiber cloth strictly by the alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn, all products are in conformity with the provisions of the standards of the company (or according to user request processing), select use!