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Business school introduction

FSD research institute is specialized in “special-type functional textile” R&D and manufacture, undertaking the military, aviation and scientific research of government departments projects. Only one “ special-type functional textile research center”. “New and high-tech fiberglass” as the main lead, with fiber, yarn, deep processing technology, advanced equipment, functional use and development research; from micro to macro, from structure to function, breakthough details. Combining technology with product, creating new products by art.


Research institute trends

2013-11 “Wuxi special-type functional textile engineering technology research center” is approved by the government

2013-12 Undertaking military projects

2014-1 Undertaking rockets use high temperature fireproof material projects

2014-3 Major projects are approved by the government

2014-5 Large company program

2014-7 Undertaking building roof of large companies

1.Consult (products knowledge, industry information)

1)Carbon fiber products knowledge, market research and existence opportunity

2)Kevlar fiber fabric

3)Basalt fiber

4)Silica fiber


6)Ceramic fiber

7)Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

8) High performance fiber/ Polyurethane fiber

2. Product standard

1)      Fireproof standard GT8024-2006

2)      Waterproof standard

3)      Fiberglass fabric common standard

3. Market trends information

4. New products list( release new products)

5. Products platform

6. Products/ industry polices and regulations