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Carpass mat


Carpass mat

Carpass mat is made of a short cut to length of long fiber, the wire Carpass mat is made of a short cut to length of long fiber, the wire laying, laminated, etc by the special craft processing to become. laying, laminated, etc by the special craft processing to become.The internal fiber in the single fiber distribution, three-dimensional porous structure, high porosity, internal loose without loss of dense; the surface has abundant micropore, and smoothness of dense; compression rebound well. It is a non-toxic harmless inorganic materials, compared with the traditional glass cotton,asbestos products,it is no dust,no any taste (i.e. not burning, no any smoke). The unique flexibility and smoothness is easy to cut, and it is difficult to bring operators poisoning and allergies. It is clean, heat insulation, fire prevention, sound insulation, insulation materials, advanced, it is a new type of environmentally friendly products more characteristics in these areas.

Main capability and characteristics:

1、  Fire resistance:A Grade-noncombustible,GB8624-2006, Germany Grade DIN4102,A1 Grade

2、  Highest temperature resistant:-70~800℃.

3、Heat insulation, thermal insulation:The three-dimensional porous structure contributes to the formation of air insulation, thermal insulation layer.

(thermal conductivity): normal temperature 0.035 W/M•K±0.005)

4、  Sound insulation, sound absorption: surface and internal structure characteristic, contribute to the sound insulation and sound absorption.

5、  Filtering and purifying effect is good: can filter the air, water, chemical liquid, etc.。

6、  Good vibration resistance, light quality.

7、  Excellent insulation performance. Widely used in insulation products.

8、 Chemical resistance: corrosion resistance, anti moth, anti mildew

Main application:

(Carpass mat)Main application:

Fiberglass needle punched felt is widely used in aircraft, military industry, and mechanical-electricity, metal melting, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, construction, transportation and other industries. It is suitable for temperature holding of cold-heat pipeline and entertainment sites; interlayer heat preservation, muffle system and fireproofing board of flight, car, ship truck, etc. and it is also an ideal tail gas cleaning-up and muffle material of car and motorbike. This product is used to be made into ceiling of truck, heat-resistant pad of engine top, fiberglass fireproofing-heat-resistant cotton, heat resistant and insulating blanket(used in oven), fiberglass heat-preserved cotton (household electrical appliances), fireproofing fiber felt(used in microwave oven), temperature-preserved heat insulation cotton and fireproofing heat insulating blanket (lamp-veneer heat insulating cushion),corrosion resistant materials, insulation materials.

Product sorts:

1.white(the true colours)

2.dark black

3.Composite (attached to the surface of heat radiation film, cloth tape, etc.)

Thickness:1mm、2mm、2.5 mm、3.0 mm、4.0 mm、5.0 mm、6.0 mm、8.0 mm


Fireproof grade: A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006, Germany Grade DIN4102, A1 Grade (have passed the test of National Firefight Supervise Test Centre)

Safe and environmentalistic: have passed the test of European SGS ROHS;

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