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Dekelun Fabric/ Mat

Dekelun Fabric which is made of superfine fiber, it adopts nano osmosis technology and special other technology to produce .

Dekelun Fabric/ Mat(Fireproof Decorative Fabric/Mat,Fireproof and Sound-absorbing Fabric/Mat)

Dekelun Fabric which is made of superfine fiber, it adopts nano osmosis technology and special other technology to produce .

Main Charater and function:

1.Special struction design with porous sound-absorbing: the fabric can resolve and absorbe sound best. Can be used to do the good sound-absorbing material.

2.Fireproof capability: the base material is fireproof fibre, the fiber itself is uninflammable, the fireproof function is better than anyother normal textile in the market. The fireproof grade is A.

3.Excellent decorative appearance : the fabric adopts nano psmosis technology, can be coated with different colors as customers request.

4.Waterproof capability: the material of the fabric is waterproof ,so the moisture rate is lower than anyother textile.

5.Anti-corrosion capability: the fabric can resist normal acid and alkali. Its stength can retain more than 80% after staying in the NaoH solution for 28 days.

6.Bacterium and mildew proof capability: the fabric can resist breeding of microorganism of the transparent film surface, which make it more suitable in the place of the hospital,school,swimming pool, babys room,toilet and bathroom.

7.Safety and environment: the fabric have passed the decetion from the SGS and KOSH organization.

Main application:

1.It is widely used on the surface of the wall, used as suspended ceiling decorative board,out decorative fabric of the sond-absoebing board and sound-absorbing fabric.

2.Surface material of rock wool heat insulation board:  be used as the inner fabric of the insulation jacket of the pipeline, and the outer material of the sound-stopping product.

3.It is used in many places which have strict request in sound-stopping ,like cinema,KTV, meeting room,wine bar,hotel,bank and market . they use it to do decorative wall fabric and sound-absorbing wall. Because of its good sound-absorbing and decoration function.

4.Other special and normal use is that can be used to do fireproof curtain.

Main specification of dekelun fabric:

1.Thickness: 0.1mm,0.2mm,0.3mm,0.4mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm and so on.,we also can do as customer request.

2.Struction : plain, twill, satin and so on.

3.Width: 2500px-8250px


Main specification for dekelun mat:

5.Thickness: 0.1-0.5mm

6.color: black,white and other colors.

7.Width: 2500px,3000px,5000px


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