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Expoxy resin fibergalss mesh fabric for transformer


Epoxy fiberglass mesh fabric for transformer

introduction of the product

Epoxy fiberglass mesh fabric is a kind of insulation material manufactured by our company, it is made of basal mesh fabric and eroxy soakage mucus.

We have cooperated with tens of transformer factories. Our product has better quality and it is widely used in this area. We mainly have epoxy fiberglass mesh fabric and fiberglass fabric(tape) which are used in this area.

 Capability and Characteristics

This sort of mesh fabric is produced by advanced process, so there’s no air bladder inside the fabric, and the fabric is case-hardened, has good capability of insulation, further more, its level of resisting temperature is “F”, it is not only has high machanical intensity under the normal temperature, but also has such machanical intensity under the environment of high temperature. This ensures the moulding transformer and reactor could safely operate under the high temperature.

 Using Range

It is used in the dry transformer, reactor and such product to protect the insulation layer of the loop. It highly improves the whole machanical intensity of the loop, so it is an excellent reinforcing and insulating material for the dry transformer and such product.

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