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About FSD
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FSD Values

Existence: Our existence is to solve the problems for the customers, and to be a respected enterprises!Technology: Advanced technology, leading market, continuous improvement, run after the “new, special” products

Production: excelsior, professional production, personalized service. To become first, even be the  only one. We sell products on surface , actually what we sell is value and morals.

Products:  We are not only satisfied with the products needs of customers, but also to satisfied the customers’ value needs              

Quality: we do the products with mind, we never do things such as “ sell seconds with  the best price, mix the false with the genuine” ”who said Chinese made was not good ?” Let this absurd theory go to hell!

Price: We don't sell the cheapest products, because cheap means poor quality, reasonable price guarantees the quality. Only run after cheap price is someone who with low taste will do . it is stupid action . it means industry and social retrogress. cheap price can  not guarantee the quality and continues service .

We believe: Elegance is an attitude, a responsibility, a commitment, a trust!

Profit: If one enterprise has low profit, it means this enterprise will broke up soon , because it can’t continues  guarantee “service, quality, research and development and all aspects of the enterprise” !

Research and development: Developing new products constantly  and being satisfied with all new request!

Competition: Competition depends on the speed, we try our best to meet the concrete needs of the customers timely!

Customers: we propose “ equal cooperation, neither humble nor pushy ,win-win cooperation”, we deeply understand “ customers are people who we service for”. People who don’t respect our labor and personalistic  are not our customers!

Service: Customer first, customer focus!

Brand: “World textile, see China; Chinese textile, see world”! Our target is to do the “first brand in the world special-type functional textile industry”, customers choose FSD brand means choose FSD valus and characters! Brand means quality, hosnesty, values and taste!

FSD brand ways:

Made in China—Chinese design—Chinese brand—World brand!

Brand— let China become more respected around the world!

Harmony: Equality among the personnel, every personnel is the member of the FSD big family!

Management: Implementation:” Army, school, family” three words mangment system.

Army system: strict and professional management, achieving the standardization, system and procedure of management.

School system: focus on the education training of the personnel and improve the overall attainment of the perssonnel!

Family system:highlight the hunanistic care to the employees so that employees have a sense of belong!

Honest:Comply “ business morality”, build common credit, we are on the way!

Success: If we get recognition from the customers, it means we success!

FSD character

Generous      calm enterprising          elegant 


                       Represent grand scale

                                                              Spirt and connotation


            Represent confidence and strength

                                                             Confidence and ambition


               Represent knowledge and technology



                       Represent good at learning, persuit innovation.

FSD business outlook

FSD proposes “business new culture”,depending on the real strength of enterprise in the market competition.

If the development of enterprise just depends on the government support, relationship, then the enterprise won’t go longly!

Must depend on the real strength of enterprise:

Products quality




These are the root for the development of the enterprise.