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Create World“Special-type Functional Textile”First Brand

One、Special new type products

1、Dekelun Fabric/ Mat

2、Fapalu Fabric

3、Fireproof Sound-absorbing Blanket

4、Heikki cloth

5、Carpass mat

6、Cement Blanket

7、Plastic card Lun cloth


Two、Special fiberglass film material

1、Terflon(PTFE) fiberglass fabric, teflon mesh

①Terflon fabric ( welding fabric, PTFE fabric)②Terflon (PTFE) adhesive tape, rubberized fabric③Terflon (PTFE) construction membrane material④Terflon (PTFE) mesh converyer belt⑤Terflon(PTFE) non-stick fabric⑥Fiberglass grinding wheel patch⑦Joint style⑧Terflon(PTFE) ordinary agglutinated belt, non-joint agglutinated belt

2、Silicone fiberglass fabric

3、PVC fiberglass fabric(Fiberglass fabric coated with PVC)

4、Fl fiberglass fabric(Fl fabric, Neoprene fiberglass fabric, EPDM fiberglass fabric, Hypalon rubber cloth)

Three、Special type firefighting and defending priducts

1、Fire blanket series

2、Fireproof fabric(welding blanket)

3、Special exposure suit series ( fireproof cloth, firefighter protection cloth, chemical proof cloth, reflective vest)

4、Fireproof covering fabric

5、Fireproof blanket for fleeing

6、Protected packaging fabric for inflammable, explosive dangerous goods (eg. firework, firecracker, gunpowder, ammunition fireproof packaging fabric)

7、Appropriative material for fireproofing roller shutter door

8、Special fireproof fabric for fireproof bag

9、Forest fireproof isolation fabric

10、Special curtain for smoke shield

Four、Special fiber insulated product

1、Expoxy resin fibergalss mesh fabric for transformer

2、Fiberglass insulated felt, insulated yarn, DMD heat resistant epoxy resin prepreg fabric

3、E-glass fiber insulated tape

4、E-glass fiber insulated cloth series

5、Fibergalss insulation sleeve

Five、Special-type filtering material

1、Filtering netlike cloth for foundry (aluminum liquid filtering net, iron liquid filtering net, steel liquid filtering net)

2、Filtering fabric for foundry, filtering bag

Six、Special type heat insulation material

1、Removable-style heat insulation covering( insulation quilt, heat resistant sleeve, flexible insulated cloth, insulation jacket)( special type insulation)

2、Flame retardant type aluminum foil composite fibergalss fabric series

Seven、Special type functionality fiberglass textile

1、Thin fiberglass textile series

2、Screen patio( fireproof grade A )

3、Hydrophobic fireproof cloth (fireproof hydrophobic film material)

4、High-temperature adhesive resistant fabric of solar energy laminated machine

5、Fireproofing and flame preserving decoration fabric of fiberglass

6、Fiberglass fabric of bulked yarn

7、Fiberglass fabric of steel wire enhancing type

8、Special fiberglass fabric of music basin

9、High-temperature adhesive resistant fabric of TPU

10、High-temperature silicone board, silicone fabric of solar energy

11、Fireproof screen fabric (silver screen fabric)

12、High intensity fiberglass fabric of medium thickness

Eight、Special type fiberglass coating fabric

1、High temperature adhesive resistant fabric

2、High temperature resistant coating fiberglass fabric series (260-1000℃)

3、Fireproof and inflammble type fiberglass fabric seriesroof fabric, fireproof shutter, blue fiberglass fabric)

4、Fiberglass oil-proof tarpaulin(waterproof cloth)

5、Other special faiberglass coating fabric: water proof, rot proof, static proof, sensitive proof, ultraviolet radiation proof)

Nine、Fiberglass reinforcement material

1、High temperature resistant fiberglass fabric and threas used in rubber riducts

2、Fiberglass rot proof fabric(binding fabric)

3、Fiberglass woven roving fabric,unilateralism fabric(used in GRP, rot proof, tempreature holding)

4、Fiberglass woven roving fabric

Ten、Fiberglass non-woven fabric material

1、Fiberglass thin mat(fiberglass surface mat, roof mat, pipe wrap mat, reinforcement mat)

2、Short cut felt of E-glass and C-glass fiber

3、Carpass mat

4、Fiberglass needle punched felt( heat-preserving mat, humidity maintatining tissue sound-insulating tissue and filtering mat)

Eleven、Environmentalist dust remove filtering material

1、High temperature needle punched felt(fiberglass needle punched felt, complexed filtering felt with fiberglass, metamax and PTFE,Aramid fiber needle punched felt and PPS needle punched felt)

2、Needle punched felt used in ordinary temperature

3、Machine weaving fabric: high temperature fiberglass filtering coltu(filtering bag, dust remove cloth, dust remove bag) terylene filtering fabric

Twelve、High-temprature thread, twine, trap and bushing of fiberglass series(resisting 280-1000℃)

1、High-temperature threads (high-temperature sewing thread, fireproof thread)

2、Fiberglass strap(insulating strap, temperature holding and heat insulation strap, gluing strap)

3、Temperature holding and heat insulating suite-pipeline of special type fiberglass silicon rubber

4、Temperature holding and heat insulating suite-pipeline of special type fiberglass rubber

Thirteen、Special fiberglass fitment material

1、Fiberglass fireproof decorative felt

2、Fiberglass window screening (insect screening)

3、Foldaway ulterior window screening(foldaway screen)

4、High intensity polyester-fiber window screening, insect screen

5、Fiberglass adumbral fabric (fireproof curtain)

6、Chemcial fiber adumbral fabric with high intensity(fireproof curtain)

7、Complex coating adumbral fabric(adumbral curtain)( fully adumbral, half adumbral)

8、Fiberglass mesh fabric series, granite mosaic mesh, marble back paste mesh, grinding wheel patch, sealing tape)

Fourteen、Special-type complex(joint) fiberglass textile(complex thinnest mat, PVC, PE, PT, PTFE)

1、Special-type complex (joint) fiberglass weaves(complex thinnest mat、PVC、PE、PT、PTFE)

Fifteen、Other special type fiberglass products

1、High silica fiber

2、Basalt fiber

3、Carbon fiber fabric

4、Ceramic fiber products

5、High performance polyester fiber products

6、Kevlar fiber fabric

7、Ultra high molecular polyethylene fiber products

Sixteen、Special fiberglass tape(Fab tape)

1、Special fiberglass tape(Fab tape)